The Chapel of the Castle, situated above the entrance porch and accessible through the courtyard, is a rare in France! The crest CHARFETAIN, appearing on the font at the entrance to the chapel and on a door at the bottom of the tower, shows a heart surmounted by a Maltese Cross.
In the fifteenth century, Jacques Coeur, appointed in 1440 "High Treasurer of King Charles VII, interest, acquires and develops the silver mines of PAMPAILLY , located a few hundred feet below. The Fief of CHARFETAIN can follow mining.
The Chateau of CHARFETAIN was built in several stages. It is very difficult to trace the exact history : sold as national property during the French Revolution, all records were destroyed. However, some signs indicate that the origin is very old.
Gîte du Chateau de Charfetain - Mr Jean Pierre Deschamps - Charfetain - 69690 BRULLIOLES
Charfetain is owned by the Deschamps family since the mid-eighteenth century
The chapel above the entrance porch
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